Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Welcome to the Univeral Monster Archive!

Thanks for stopping by.

For nearly four years, I posted reviews to Rotten Tomatoes. I posted something nearly every day. I loved their indexing feature. I loved the way I could place and size photos. I loved everything about their blogging service.

Then they redesigned their site, changed their blogging formatting and pretty much demolished by carefully constructed review blog.

So, I'm hoping to make a new home for my reviews on a series of blogs here. We'll see how it works out. The presentation of the reviews will be a little different than at Rotten Tomatoes, but hopefully even more user friendly for you and just as enjoyable for me.

As the title of the blog implies, this will be home to all the moster and horror movies released by Universal Studios that I review. (The reason I'm choosing to give a studio their own category is because of Universal's foundational role in the horror movie genre... and because they've continued to be the releasing vehicle for nifty horror films up to the present day, in a time when the genre is dying.)

Comments on the reviews are welcomed!

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