Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A small selection of classic horror movie posters

Here are some classic posters for some of the films covered on this blog. Click on the images to see larger versions.

First, the film that started it all in 1931. I wonder if Universal's marketeers had the same feeling about the spiderweb scene that I do. Click here to read my reviews of Universal's early vampire movies.
Dracula 1931 artwork

The fright continued with the film that elevated Karloff from bit-player to movie star. Click here to read my review of "Frankenstein" and its sequels.

A chilling image to represent that last of the true sequels to the original "Frankstein" film. After this one, they became cross-over fests that were just as much sequels to "The Wolf Man." Click here to read my review of "Ghost of Frankenstein" and four other Universal Frankenstein films.

And, finally, the period at the end of the Classic Universal Monster Era...
Click here to read my reviews of the funny side of Universal's iconic horror creatures.

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